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ROVER CHB057 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of ROVER CHB057 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
FTEZA3201147Direct Cross Interchange30
SACHS3182600150Direct Cross Interchange29
TEXTAR53004700Direct Cross Interchange27
NK143201Direct Cross Interchange25
LPR3492Direct Cross Interchange22
KAWE990117Direct Cross Interchange22
DJPARTSCS1137CDirect Cross Interchange22
BSGBSG30625009Direct Cross Interchange22
STATIM620CSCDirect Cross Interchange18
VALEO804571Direct Cross Interchange18
QUINTON HAZELLCSC054Direct Cross Interchange17
VOLVO8689498Direct Cross Interchange12
VOLVO30787871Direct Cross Interchange12
VOLVO30759458Direct Cross Interchange12
VOLVO30735518Direct Cross Interchange12
MAZDAJC0116530ADirect Cross Interchange12
MAZDAJC0116530Direct Cross Interchange12
FORD1418659Direct Cross Interchange12
FORD1226832Direct Cross Interchange11
FORD1472108Direct Cross Interchange11
FORD3M517A564BGDirect Cross Interchange10
FORD3M517A564BFDirect Cross Interchange10
FORD3M517A564BEDirect Cross Interchange10
FORD3M517A564BDDirect Cross Interchange10
FORD1352356Direct Cross Interchange10
FORD1232035Direct Cross Interchange10
VOLVO31272725Direct Cross Interchange9
FORD3M517A564BCDirect Cross Interchange9
FORD3M517A564BHDirect Cross Interchange8
MAZDAJC0116530CDirect Cross Interchange8
ACDelcoAC129SDirect Cross Interchange6
FORD1590999Direct Cross Interchange6
FTEZA3201143Direct Cross Interchange4
MALò88600Indirect Cross Interchange21
BORG & BECKBCS142Indirect Cross Interchange20
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182600150Indirect Cross Interchange18
FEBI BILSTEIN36013Indirect Cross Interchange17
NATIONALNSC0034Indirect Cross Interchange17
SWAG50936013Indirect Cross Interchange16
SACHS (ZF SRE)3182600150Indirect Cross Interchange16
MAZDAJC0116530BIndirect Cross Interchange5
A.B.S.41485Indirect Cross Interchange3
ZF Parts3182600150Indirect Cross Interchange2
TRWPJQ142Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC01018Indirect Cross Interchange2
MAZDAJC0116530DIndirect Cross Interchange2
FORD1590599Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA3201148Indirect Cross Interchange1
GIRLING1301142Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS142Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of ROVER CHB057 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

VolvoC30--1.6 D2006/10-2012/121560 ccm, 80 KW, 109 PS
VolvoC30--1.82006/10-2012/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoC30--1.8 Flexfuel2007/01-2012/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoC30--22006/10-2012/121999 ccm, 107 KW, 145 PS
VolvoC30--2.0 Flexfuel2010/01-2012/121999 ccm, 107 KW, 146 PS
VolvoS40 IIMS1.6 D2005/01-2016/121560 ccm, 81 KW, 110 PS
VolvoS40 IIMS1.82004/04-2016/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoS40 IIMS1.8 Flexfuel2006/01-2016/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoS40 IIMS22006/10-2016/121999 ccm, 107 KW, 146 PS
VolvoV50MW1.6 D2005/01-2016/121560 ccm, 81 KW, 110 PS
VolvoV50MW1.82004/04-2016/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoV50MW1.8 Flexfuel2005/01-2016/121798 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
VolvoV50MW22006/10-2016/121999 ccm, 107 KW, 146 PS

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