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ALFAROMEO CHB152 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of ALFAROMEO CHB152 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

A.B.S.41492Slave Cylinder, clutch
ALFA ROMEO55197680Slave Cylinder, clutch
ALFA ROMEO55558917Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
ALFA ROMEO55558918Slave Cylinder, clutch
ALFAROME/FIAT/LANCI55197680Gasket, exhaust pipe
EXEDYCSC440Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FEBI BILSTEIN40957Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FIAT55197680Slave Cylinder, clutch
FIAT55 558 917Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FIAT55558918Slave Cylinder, clutch
FIAT / LANCIA55197680Gasket, exhaust pipe
FTEZA34029A1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FTEZA34031A1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FTEZA34032A1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FTEZA34044.3.1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FTEZA34045.3.1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
FTEZA34048.3.1Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
HELLA PAGID8AZ 355 600-721Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
LANCIA55558917Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
LANCIA55558918Shock Absorber
OE55352048central cutout switch, ganging system
OE55558917central cutout switch, ganging system
OE55558918central cutout switch, ganging system
OE5679349Working cylinder, ganging system
OPEL55 352 048Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL55558917Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL55558918Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL55563511Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL55563645Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL55563646Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL5679349Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL5679360Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL679078Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
OPEL679 079Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
SACHS3182 600 133Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
SACHS3182 600 134Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
SWAG40 94 0957Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
TRIPLE FIVE5021GQ980Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
TRIPLE FIVEL050210GQ980Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
TRWPJQ238Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
VALEO804566Central Slave Cylinder, clutch
VAUXHALL55563645central cutout switch, ganging system
VAUXHALL679078central cutout switch, ganging system

Applicable Models of ALFAROMEO CHB152 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.8 TBi17421474Saloon2009-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.9 JTDM 16V19101104Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.9 JTDM 16V19101004Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.9 JTDM 8V1910884Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.9 JTDM 8V1910854Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 1.9 JTS18591184Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 (939) 2.2 JTS21981364Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.8 TBi17421474Estate2009-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.9 JTDM 16V19101104Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.9 JTDM 16V19101004Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.9 JTDM 8V1910884Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.9 JTDM 8V1910854Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 1.9 JTS18591184Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  159 Sportwagon (939) 2.2 JTS21981364Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  BRERA 1.8 TBi17421474Hatchback2009-
ALFA ROMEO  BRERA 2.2 JTS21981364Hatchback2006-
ALFA ROMEO  MITO (955) 1.3 JTDM1248664Hatchback2008-
ALFA ROMEO  MITO (955) 1.4 TB13681144Hatchback2008-
ALFA ROMEO  MITO (955) 1.4 Turbo13681104Hatchback2008-
ALFA ROMEO  MITO (955) 1.6 JTDM1598854Hatchback2008-
ALFA ROMEO  SPIDER (939) 1.8 TBi17421474Convertible2009-
ALFA ROMEO  SPIDER (939) 2.2 JTS21981364Convertible2006-

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