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Working Environment Conditions and Units of Clutch Separation Bearing

When the clutch release bearing is working, the force of the clutch pedal will be transmitted to the clutch release bearing. The clutch moves toward the centre of the clutch pressure plate so that the pressure plate is pushed away from the clutch plate, and the clutch plate is separated from the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is released, the spring pressure in the pressure plate will push the pressure plate forward and press on the clutch plate so that the clutch plate and the clutch are separated from the bearing to complete a working cycle. 

The clutch plate release bearing is installed between the grip and the transmission. The release lever can move axially along the output shaft of the clutch while rotating through the release bearing to ensure the smooth engagement and soft separation of the grip, reduce wear, and extend the clasp and the entire transmission system Service life.

Ⅰ. Working environment conditions of the clutch release bearing

The clutch release bearing is an integral part of the automobile. If the working environment is not good, the bearing will fail. In use, it is affected by axial load, impact load, and radial centrifugal force during high-speed rotation. In addition, because the thrust of the shift fork and the reaction force of the separation lever are not in a straight line, a torque is formed. The clutch release bearing has poor working conditions, intermittent high-speed rotation and high-speed friction, high temperature, poor lubrication, and no cooling conditions.

Ⅱ. Automobile clutch release bearing and its unit

Automobile clutch release bearings and their units are essential parts of automobiles. Their primary function is to realize the combination or disconnection between the automobile engine and the transmission system through the axial movement of the bearing so that the automobile can start, shift, and stop smoothly. It also protects the vehicle transmission system from overloading. This type of bearing has the characteristics of self-lubricating, low vibration, stable clutch, and long service life and is the best choice for automotive clutch release bearings.

The release bearing for clutch has inner and outer ring rotation, self-aligning. The bearing unit can be pushed and pulled axially, with or without a seat, and other structures. The assembly is simple, the axial gap can be adjusted, and it needs to be fully considered in use—the axial load.

Automobile clutch release bearings and their units are classified as follows according to the principle of action, structure, and working performance: automobile clutch release bearings and their branches, push bearings and their units, pull bearing units, bearing units, non-aligning bearing units, Self-aligning bearing unit, non-aligning outer ring rotating bearing unit, non-aligning inner ring rotating bearing unit, self-aligning bearing unit.

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