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OPEL CHB009 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of OPEL CHB009 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
OPEL5679304Direct Cross Interchange35
OPEL5679332Direct Cross Interchange34
SACHS3182998803Direct Cross Interchange34
VALEO804504Direct Cross Interchange34
QUINTON HAZELLCSC003Direct Cross Interchange34
OPEL5679333Direct Cross Interchange34
OPEL90523765Direct Cross Interchange29
OPEL90470874Direct Cross Interchange29
LuK510007310Direct Cross Interchange28
OPEL24424957Direct Cross Interchange28
FTEZA3103B2Direct Cross Interchange28
GIRLING1301106Direct Cross Interchange27
LPR3220Direct Cross Interchange26
FTEZA3103B1Direct Cross Interchange25
A.B.S.41235Direct Cross Interchange25
TRWPJQ106Direct Cross Interchange24
TEXTAR53004300Direct Cross Interchange24
BREDA LORETTRI1003Direct Cross Interchange23
OPEL679344Direct Cross Interchange23
OPEL24424546Direct Cross Interchange23
MALò88602Direct Cross Interchange20
FIAT24422061Direct Cross Interchange20
LUCASPJQ106Direct Cross Interchange19
FEBI BILSTEIN33738Direct Cross Interchange18
KAWE990047Direct Cross Interchange18
NK143601Direct Cross Interchange18
SWAG40933738Direct Cross Interchange18
KM Germany691015Direct Cross Interchange17
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182998803Direct Cross Interchange15
SACHS (ZF SRE)3182998803Direct Cross Interchange15
DJPARTSCS1113CDirect Cross Interchange13
MAXGEAR610018Direct Cross Interchange12
NATIONALNSC0010Direct Cross Interchange11
QUINTON HAZELLKNF31013Direct Cross Interchange11
FTEZA3101C1Direct Cross Interchange7
FTEZA3101A1Direct Cross Interchange5
TRIPLE FIVEVCC2Direct Cross Interchange2
BORG & BECKLL80109Direct Cross Interchange2
LuK510005310Indirect Cross Interchange19
TRUSTINGCZ090Indirect Cross Interchange18
VAUXHALL90523765Indirect Cross Interchange18
TOPRAN206152Indirect Cross Interchange17 Cross Interchange17
SAAB24422061Indirect Cross Interchange15
FIAT71747899Indirect Cross Interchange15
KAWES3220Indirect Cross Interchange13
AISINCSCEOP01Indirect Cross Interchange13
VAUXHALL24422061Indirect Cross Interchange12
BOSCH986486588Indirect Cross Interchange12
VILLAR6246534Indirect Cross Interchange12
STATIM402CSCIndirect Cross Interchange11
OPEL24422061Indirect Cross Interchange11
VAUXHALL90470874Indirect Cross Interchange11
VAUXHALL24424957Indirect Cross Interchange11
SUZUKI2382063JA0Indirect Cross Interchange10
HPCS20016Indirect Cross Interchange10
BLUE PRINTADK83606Indirect Cross Interchange8
BREMBOE59003Indirect Cross Interchange7
ACDelcoAC109SIndirect Cross Interchange7
FENOXP3107Indirect Cross Interchange7
COMLINECS10Indirect Cross Interchange7
Brake ENGINEERINGWC1013BEIndirect Cross Interchange6
DELPHILL80109Indirect Cross Interchange6
BORG & BECKBCS117Indirect Cross Interchange6
FTEZA3101D1Indirect Cross Interchange5
Brake ENGINEERINGWC3220Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL93317724Indirect Cross Interchange4
SUZUKI2382063JA0000Indirect Cross Interchange4
WESTLAKEWCSC002Indirect Cross Interchange4
AUTOMEGA3056790333Indirect Cross Interchange4
ALFA ROMEO71747899Indirect Cross Interchange4
HAVAMAL3710Indirect Cross Interchange3
HAVAMAL3710Indirect Cross Interchange3
SACHS613182998803Indirect Cross Interchange3
AUTOMEGA1056790304Indirect Cross Interchange3
NUOVA TECNODELTA9910CIndirect Cross Interchange3
STAHLGRUBER4040901Indirect Cross Interchange3
GENERAL MOTORS90523765Indirect Cross Interchange3
GENERAL MOTORS90470874Indirect Cross Interchange3
GENERAL MOTORS24424957Indirect Cross Interchange3
GENERAL MOTORS24422061Indirect Cross Interchange3
VAUXHALL93172628Indirect Cross Interchange3
VAUXHALL9126238Indirect Cross Interchange3
VAUXHALL5679333Indirect Cross Interchange3
OPEL5679331Indirect Cross Interchange3
OPEL5679335Indirect Cross Interchange3
OPEL679344Indirect Cross Interchange3
OPEL90470674Indirect Cross Interchange3
GENERAL MOTORS93317724Indirect Cross Interchange2
PROTECHNICPRH6001Indirect Cross Interchange2
DJPARTSCS1114CIndirect Cross Interchange2
FTEZA31013A2Indirect Cross Interchange2
VALEO804542Indirect Cross Interchange2
LUCAS ELECTRICALPJQ106Indirect Cross Interchange2
SACHS3182600111Indirect Cross Interchange2
BREDA LORETTRI1002Indirect Cross Interchange2
NK143604Indirect Cross Interchange2
PAGID89003Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC026Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC017Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLKNF31017Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts613182998803Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts3182998803Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET93172628Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET9126238Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET90523765Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET90470874Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET24424957Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET24422061Indirect Cross Interchange2
LuK510007311Indirect Cross Interchange2
LuK510006310Indirect Cross Interchange2 Cross Interchange1
AUTOMEGA1156790333Indirect Cross Interchange1
AUTOMEGA1056790333Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS117Indirect Cross Interchange1
GUIZHOUCS20004Indirect Cross Interchange1
MOTAQUIPVCC2Indirect Cross Interchange1
BOSCH986486588Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.41235Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.P.LL80109Indirect Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVEL05H21005402Indirect Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVE5H2105402Indirect Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVE502105400Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL90470674Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL679344Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL93317724Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL5679332Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL5679304Indirect Cross Interchange1
SUZUKI2382063J00Indirect Cross Interchange1
SAAB24424546Indirect Cross Interchange1
FAGZA3101B2Indirect Cross Interchange1
FAGZA3101B1Indirect Cross Interchange1
HAVAMCS20016Indirect Cross Interchange1
TRUSTINGCZ089Indirect Cross Interchange1
DELPHI DIESEL / DATIVCC2Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA3101Indirect Cross Interchange1
JP GROUP1230500300Indirect Cross Interchange1
CAR9910CIndirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of OPEL CHB009 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

OpelAstra G Cabriolet--1.62003/01-2005/101598 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
OpelAstra G Cabriolet--1.6 16V2001/03-2005/10
OpelAstra G Cabriolet--1.8 16V2001/03-2005/101796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.2 16V1998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.2 16V2000/09-2004/071199 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.4 16V1998/06-2004/07
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.62002/12-2009/071598 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.61998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.62000/09-2004/071598 ccm, 62 KW, 84 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.6 16V1998/02-2004/07
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.6 CNG2003/03-2004/071598 ccm, 71 KW, 97 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.7 CDTI2003/04-2009/07
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.7 DTi 16V2000/02-2004/071686 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.7 TD1998/02-2000/08
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.8 16V2000/09-2004/071796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelAstra G CaravanF35_1.8 16V1998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.2 16V2000/09-2005/011199 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.2 16V1998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.4 16V1998/02-2005/011389 ccm, 66 KW, 90 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.61998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.62000/09-2005/011598 ccm, 62 KW, 84 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.62002/12-2005/01
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.6 16V1998/02-2005/011598 ccm, 74 KW, 101 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.7 CDTI2003/04-2009/12
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.7 DTi 16V2000/02-2005/011686 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.7 TD1998/02-2000/08
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.8 16V2000/09-2005/011796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelAstra G CCF48_, F08_1.8 16V1998/02-2000/09
OpelAstra G CoupeF07_1.6 16V2000/03-2005/051598 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
OpelAstra G CoupeF07_1.8 16V2000/09-2005/05
OpelAstra G CoupeF07_1.8 16V2000/03-2000/101796 ccm, 85 KW, 116 PS
OpelAstra G KastenF701.61999/01-2000/09
OpelAstra G KastenF701.62000/09-2005/041598 ccm, 62 KW, 84 PS
OpelAstra G KastenF701.7 TD1999/01-2005/04
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.2 16V1998/09-2000/091199 ccm, 48 KW, 65 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.2 16V2000/09-2005/01
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.4 16V1998/09-2005/011389 ccm, 66 KW, 90 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.62000/09-2005/01
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.62002/12-2009/121598 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.61998/09-2000/09
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.6 16V1998/09-2005/011598 ccm, 74 KW, 101 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.7 CDTI2003/04-2009/12
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.7 DTi 16V2000/02-2005/011686 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.7 TD1998/09-2000/08
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.8 16V2000/06-2005/011796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelAstra G StufenheckF69_1.8 16V1998/09-2000/09
OpelAstra H--1.7 CDTI2004/03-2016/121686 ccm, 59 KW, 80 PS
OpelAstra H--1.82004/03-2016/12
OpelAstra HL481.62004/03-2016/121598 ccm, 77 KW, 105 PS
OpelAstra H Caravan--1.82004/08-2016/12
OpelAstra H CaravanL351.62004/08-2016/121598 ccm, 77 KW, 105 PS
OpelAstra H GTC--1.82005/03-2016/12
OpelAstra H GTCL081.62005/03-2016/121598 ccm, 77 KW, 105 PS
OpelAstra H Twintop--1.62005/09-2016/12
OpelAstra H Twintop--1.82005/09-2016/121796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelCombo Kasten/Kombi--1.62001/10-2016/12
OpelCombo Kasten/Kombi--1.7 DTi 16V2001/10-2016/121686 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelCombo Tour--1.62001/10-2016/12
OpelCombo Tour--1.7 DTi 16V2001/10-2016/121686 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
OpelCorsa CF08, F6812003/06-2009/12
OpelCorsa CF08, F6812000/09-2003/06973 ccm, 43 KW, 58 PS
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.22000/09-2009/12
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.2 Twinport2004/07-2009/121229 ccm, 59 KW, 80 PS
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.3 CDTI2003/06-2009/12
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.4 Twinport2003/06-2009/121364 ccm, 66 KW, 90 PS
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.7 DTi2000/09-2009/12
OpelCorsa CF08, F681.82000/09-2009/121796 ccm, 92 KW, 125 PS
OpelCorsa C KastenF08, W5L1.22005/07-2016/12
OpelCorsa C KastenF08, W5L1.3 CDTI 16V2005/08-2016/121248 ccm, 51 KW, 69 PS
OpelCorsa C KastenF08, W5L1.7 DTi 16V2000/09-2016/12

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