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What is the Difference Between Dual Clutch and Single Clutch?

1. Classification of one-way clutches

One-way clutches (bearings) are those that can drive in one direction but overrun in the other. However, in service different models will contain different load characteristics and require changes in the structural technical details of the clutch. Therefore, one-way clutches are divided into three categories for the functions they were originally intended to use, namely overrunning, indexing and backstop.

(1) Overrun one-way clutch bearing

This type of clutch can be used in a variety of ways, mainly as a speed conversion of various mechanical devices.

(2) Indexing one-way clutch bearing

In this form of application, the reciprocating motion provided to the drive race is converted into intermittent motion on the driven race and in only one direction.

(3) Reverse one-way clutch

In back-stop applications, a raceway is often mounted on a device that is fixed relative to the ground. The function of a one-way clutch is a mechanical device that allows connection to other races, in one direction only, and prevents any rotation in the opposite direction at any time. Although this type of one-way clutch overruns most of the time, it provides backstop for things like conveyor belts, gear reductions, and the like, because its function is to prevent reverse rotation.

2. The difference between dual clutch and one-way clutch

The one-way clutch temporarily cuts off the power output between the engine and the transmission when shifting gears, so that there will be a sense of frustration at the moment of shifting and the engine power will be wasted. The power is uninterrupted when shifting after the dual clutch, which effectively improves the working efficiency of the engine. The basic principle of a dual clutch is that one clutch controls gears 1, 3, and 5 and the other clutch controls gears 2, 4, and 6.

Different from the general automatic transmission system, the dual clutch belongs to both the manual transmission and the automatic transmission, with the flexibility of the manual transmission and the comfort of the automatic transmission. The dual-clutch gearbox is the friction shifting of two sets of clutch plates. The dual-clutch gearbox has fast shifting and has a very good experience when the car is running at high speed. It has the function of manual shifting of gears. In terms of automatic gearbox, it is a new technology. However, the dual-clutch gearbox will sometimes suffer from setbacks due to insufficient power. The later durability is not very good, but the dual-clutch gearbox It also provides a choice for owners who are looking for fast shifting speeds.

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