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MAZDA CHB042 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of MAZDA CHB042 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
VALEO804539Direct Cross Interchange18
SACHS3182600112Direct Cross Interchange16
FTEZA2802410Direct Cross Interchange16
FORD1474323Direct Cross Interchange16
FORD1212061Direct Cross Interchange16
QUINTON HAZELLCSC029Direct Cross Interchange16
FORD2S617A564CADirect Cross Interchange15
BSGBSG30625002Direct Cross Interchange13
FORD2S617A564CBDirect Cross Interchange13
LPR3480Direct Cross Interchange12
TEXTAR53001700Direct Cross Interchange12
DJPARTSCS1125CDirect Cross Interchange9
KAWE990083Direct Cross Interchange9
STATIM607CSCDirect Cross Interchange8
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182600112Direct Cross Interchange8
NK142507Direct Cross Interchange8
BLUE PRINTADM53626Direct Cross Interchange7
MAXGEAR610083Direct Cross Interchange6
ACDelcoAC123SDirect Cross Interchange6
SACHS (ZF SRE)3182600112Direct Cross Interchange6
FORD8V217A564ACDirect Cross Interchange5
SACHS3182600170Direct Cross Interchange4
AISINCSCZ005Direct Cross Interchange4
FORD8V217A564ABDirect Cross Interchange4
WESTLAKEWCSC013Direct Cross Interchange3
NATIONALNSC0026Direct Cross Interchange3
TRIPLE FIVEL05H210G0311Direct Cross Interchange2
TRIPLE FIVEL05H21001808Direct Cross Interchange2
TRIPLE FIVE502101803Direct Cross Interchange2
MAZDADK4917ZX1ADirect Cross Interchange2
FORD1547820Direct Cross Interchange1
TRWPJQ121Indirect Cross Interchange13
GIRLING1301121Indirect Cross Interchange10
MAZDAC40216530Indirect Cross Interchange10
MAZDAC40216530AIndirect Cross Interchange9
BORG & BECKBCS115Indirect Cross Interchange7
FTEZA2403A1Indirect Cross Interchange7
MALò88595Indirect Cross Interchange7
Brake ENGINEERINGWC1990BEIndirect Cross Interchange3
HAVAMAL3830Indirect Cross Interchange3
ZF Parts3182600170Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts3182600112Indirect Cross Interchange2
NUOVA TECNODELTA9901CIndirect Cross Interchange2
COMLINECS26Indirect Cross Interchange2
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182600170Indirect Cross Interchange2
NATIONALNSC0025Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.51191Indirect Cross Interchange1
VALEO804543Indirect Cross Interchange1
VALEO804501Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.51191Indirect Cross Interchange1
BLUE PRINTADM53625Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS3182600112Indirect Cross Interchange1
GUIZHOUCS20022Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS116Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS115Indirect Cross Interchange1
MOTAQUIPVCC25Indirect Cross Interchange1
FORD2S617A564ACIndirect Cross Interchange1
FORD2S617A564ABIndirect Cross Interchange1
FORD1212061Indirect Cross Interchange1
FORD1145313Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA2404A1Indirect Cross Interchange1
FORDC20216530Indirect Cross Interchange1
FORDBE8Z7A564AIndirect Cross Interchange1
MAZDAC20216530Indirect Cross Interchange1
MAZDA2S617A564CAIndirect Cross Interchange1
LuK500005810Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS613182600112Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS3182600171Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of MAZDA CHB042 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

Mazda2DE1.4 MZR-CD2008/01-2015/061399 ccm, 50 KW, 68 PS
Mazda2DY1.252003/04-2016/121242 ccm, 55 KW, 75 PS
Mazda2DY1.42003/04-2016/121388 ccm, 59 KW, 80 PS
Mazda2DY1.4 CD2003/04-2016/121399 ccm, 50 KW, 68 PS
Mazda2DY1.62003/04-2016/121596 ccm, 74 KW, 100 PS

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wu tang road, Canadian industrial zone, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.