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Hydraulic Clutch Bearing and Pneumatic Clutch Actuator

Hydraulic Clutch Bearing and Pneumatic Clutch Actuator

Clutch separation bearing is a more important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good failure, not only will cause economic losses, and disassembly and assembly is quite troublesome, need to spend a lot of man-hours.Therefore, to make clear the ca

  • Warranty Period considered for CPCA: 1 year.

  • APPLICATION FIELD: This procedure is applicable for all After Market CPCA Projects developed for AMT (Automatic Mechanical Transmission) for Commercial Vans, Trucks, and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

  • Be recyclable: The CPCA will be designed in order to use recyclable materials and according to the different Norms (ISO, AFNOR, car manufacturers…) to optimize recycling at the end of life.

  • Be compact during storage: Conditioning should allow optimizing the volume during storage.

  • Be robust: the CPCA should be robust enough to prevent from any deterioration during assembling and use.

  • Be easily assembled and disassembled: The CPCA should be assembled or disassembled on the clutch housing without needing specific tool.

  • Weigh: The CPCA weight should not overpass OE for the application. As per reference for Renault Volvo OE, CPCA weight is 6,85Kg.

Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

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