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Is a Manual Transmission More Advanced Than an Auto Transmission in an Automatic Transmission?

1. Is the automatic manual geartronic transmission really more advanced?

Although the manual transmission has more manual modes than the auto transmission, it looks taller and has more functions that can manually select the gear. It is also more interesting to drive, but there is really no difference between the two in terms of structure. , but the manual geartronic transmission allows you to select the gear you want when the speed is suitable. Just like whether the mobile phone has the option to change the wallpaper, the effect is different, but the structure is the same. It is more interesting to change the wallpaper, but the mobile phone that does not allow the owner to change the wallpaper does not mean that it is backward.

2. Does the manual mode of the auto transmission really have the fun of manual transmission?

But after all, there is one more function, and there is still one more choice from the perspective of use, so can you really use the manual mode as a manual car to drive? Sadly, yes, but the manual mode on the vast majority of automatics is not as fun to drive as a manual. Since the manual mode shift logic of the auto transmission is "the driver operates the shift mechanism to issue a shift signal, the computer determines whether the shift command is executed in the current state, the computer issues a shift signal, and the shift mechanism executes the shift", so there are often There is a certain delay time, and this operation is actually electronic. Compared with the pure shifting of the manual transmission model, it has a strong electronic sense, as if playing a simulation game.

To give a simple example, the zoom of the SLR camera is purely mechanical. The zoom ring is twisted with the finger to drive the lens to expand and contract to achieve zoom. Therefore, the lens moves as much as the finger rotates, and there is no delay or damping. The mirrorless camera is manually twisted. For the zoom ring, the computer judges the telescopic length of the lens through the moving range of the zoom ring, and then drives the lens to zoom through the motor. Therefore, the operation is completely electronic, and the fun and realism are much worse. Of course, there are also some sports models with manual mode that can achieve almost no lag and fast shifting, but with such performance, the price is often not cheap.

3. When is the manual mode of the auto transmission used?

The answer is very simple. In certain road conditions, the manual mode needs to be used. For example, when driving on a long downhill section that stretches for dozens of kilometers, if you only rely on the vehicle's braking system to control the speed, the braking system is prone to overheating and thermal attenuation. Even if it fails, it will affect safety very much. At this time, it is much more appropriate to use the manual mode to limit the gear to achieve engine braking.

For another example, in order to prevent the backflow of the exhaust pipe when wading, the vehicle needs to maintain a relatively constant exhaust speed, which requires that the auto transmission model should not shift gears during the wading process, because shifting will cause the speed to change and increase. There is a hidden danger of backflow; at this time, using the manual mode will be a lot of insurance. And some models may not be able to climb up in automatic mode when facing steep slopes. It is much easier to use manual mode to select a gear in advance and then go uphill.

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