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What is a Twin Clutch Transmission?

A double-clutch transmission is a component based on a manual transmission, with two sets of clutches working alternately to achieve the effect of backlash-free shifting. There are a lot of cars used now, but many consumers don't know what a double-clutch transmission is? KAIGE will introduce it to you!

1. Introduction of twin clutch transmission

Different from the general automatic transmission system, the double-clutch transmission is based on a manual transmission instead of an automatic transmission. In addition to the flexibility of a manual transmission and the comfort of an automatic transmission, it can also provide uninterrupted power output. The traditional manual transmission uses a clutch. When shifting gears, the driver has to step on the clutch pedal to make the gears of different gears engage in meshing action, and the power is intermittent during the shifting, which makes the output performance intermittent.

2. Shifting process of twin clutch transmission

If a double-clutch transmission is used to shift gears, the two clutches will control the odd-numbered gears and the even-numbered gears respectively. Before shifting, the transmission has pre-combined the next gear, and when receiving a shifting command, the transmission will feed back to the engine. A signal causes its speed to rise rapidly. At this time, the previously meshed gears are quickly combined, the first group of clutches is disconnected, and the second group of clutches is activated. This is the shifting process of a twin clutch transmission.

3. The role of twin clutch transmission

As we all know, the connection between the car engine and the transmission is the clutch, and the clutch plays a pivotal role in the whole vehicle as a "switch" for the power output of the engine. In order to save space, the clutch is generally integrated with the transmission, and some models now even use two clutches and transmission integration, which is called a double-clutch transmission, or DCT for short.

Some automatic car brands will advertise that their cars use "dual-clutch" when promoting, so many people may think that the double-clutch transmission is an automatic transmission. In fact, the double-clutch transmission cannot be called an automatic transmission because it does not have a torque converter. However, it inherits the advantages of manual transmission and automatic transmission. On the basis of using two sets of clutches to control alternately, the clutch action time is greatly shortened, so as to achieve the effect of no-gap shifting.

The double-clutch transmission delivers outstanding driving comfort, class-leading efficiency and supercar-level driving dynamics. Smart software allows when one gear is running, the next gear is preselected. When shifting, the two clutches operate alternately. Thereby, seamless shifting and acceleration without torque interruption are realized, and jitter in the shifting process of conventional automatic transmissions is avoided. Compared with traditional automatic transmissions with torque converters, double-clutch transmissions can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% under certain driving conditions and vehicle applications.

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