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What is the Function of Release Bearings?

Release bearing for clutch is a very important part for automobiles. It will be very troublesome if it fails due to poor maintenance. Let's have a look at it!

1. What is car release bearing?

The release bearing for clutch is a relatively important part of the automobile. If not well maintained, it will not only cause economic losses, but also will be quite troublesome to disassemble and assemble, which takes a lot of man-hours. Therefore, it is of great significance to find out the causes of the failure of the release bearing for clutch and to reasonably maintain it in use to prolong the life of the release bearing, improve labor productivity and achieve better economic benefits.

2. What is automotive clutch release bearing function?

The car release bearing is installed between the clutch and the transmission. The release bearing seat is loosely sleeved on the tubular extension of the bearing cover of the first shaft of the transmission. The shoulder of the release bearing is always against the release fork through the return spring, and retreats to the final position to maintain a gap of about 3 ~ 4mm with the end of the release lever (release finger).

Since the clutch pressure plate and the separation lever run synchronously with the engine crankshaft, and the separation fork can only move along the axial direction of the clutch output shaft, it is obviously impossible to use the separation fork directly to dial the separation lever.  Through the automobile separation bearing, the separation lever can rotate and move along the axial direction of the clutch output shaft, so as to ensure that the clutch can connect smoothly, separate softly, reduce wear and prolong the service life of the clutch and the whole transmission system.

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