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The Quality of Automotive Bearings can be Judged Through Several Links

Cixi Kaige Auto Spare Parts Co.,ltd. has been engaged in automotive bearings for many years and is a professional manufacturer of automotive hydraulic clutch bearings. With nearly 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, there are about 200 varieties of products, involving nearly 1,000 models worldwide, including commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. The company conscientiously manages product quality, strictly controls and independently produces main parts and components, and has injection molding workshops, CNC machining workshops, sealing parts workshops, and product life test workshops, which are managed in strict accordance with TS16949 control procedures. 

As a reliable China spare parts manufacturer, the products have been sold to major markets in the world, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers. Next, let's take a look at the quality of automobile bearings, which can be judged through several links.

1. Whether the outer packaging of automobile bearings is complete and clear

Under the normal condition of standard automobile bearing, the bearing brands produced by regular manufacturers have their own special designers to design the outer packaging, and arrange the factories with overproduction conditions for production. Therefore, the packaging of bearing products should be very clear and unambiguous from lines to color blocks.

2. Whether the automobile bearing steel stamp font is clear and sharp

Each automobile-bearing product will be printed with its brand words and label on the bearing product body. Although the font is very small, the products produced by regular bearing manufacturers use steel printing technology and press the font before overheating treatment. Therefore, although the font is small, it is deeply concave and very clear. In general, the font of counterfeit products is very fuzzy. Due to the rough printing technology, the font floats on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or the manual marks are serious.

3. Whether there is noise in the rotating automobile bearing

Hold the inner sleeve of the bearing with the left hand and move the outer sleeve back and forth with the right hand to make it rotate to hear whether there is any noise during the operation of the automobile bearing. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and complete manual workshop operation, impurities such as dust and sand will inevitably be mixed in the bearing during the production process, so there will be noise or poor operation when the bearing rotates. This is the key to judge whether the products come from the brand products of regular manufacturers with strict production standards and machine operation.

4. Whether there are turbid oil stains on the surface of the automobile bearing

This requires special attention when we buy bearings.

In the past 20 years, Cixi Kaige Auto Spare Parts Co.,ltd. has accumulated more than 200 customers all over the world, including after-sales markets. Its main customers are professional automobile bearing and related auto parts traders and clutch bearing manufacturers. For example, Valeo and DT KAWE have become one of their suppliers with stable quality.

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