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Common Types of Dual Clutch Transmission

Ⅰ. Volkswagen-DSG dual-clutch transmission

Many people's understanding of dual-clutch transmissions also starts from DSG. Of course, Volkswagen's "dual-clutch" is also more representative. Most of its imported cars are also equipped with DSG, such as Golf GTI, EOS, Magotan and Scirocco. However, Volkswagen has two DSG dual-clutch transmissions. The internal codes of Volkswagen are DQ250 and DQ200. According to intuitive data analysis, the DSG code-named DQ250 has six gears and can withstand a maximum torque of 350NM, mainly used for high-speed transmission. Displacement or main handling models, such as the Golf GTI and the upcoming 09 Magotan; while the DQ200 is a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that can withstand a maximum torque of 250NM, and is mainly used in low- and medium-displacement models, which will be listed in the following half of the year Golf 6, Sagitar and so on.

Ⅱ. Volvo-POWERSHIFT dual-clutch transmission

Unlike the DSG transmission, a dry dual clutch auto transmission used by Volkswagen, POWERSHIFT uses a wet dual-clutch. The clutch plates are soaked in engine oil to cool it down. The clutch can transmit power to any one of the six gears. The computer-controlled grip judges the driver's shifting intention according to the car speed and rotation speed. The next gear can be selected in advance to achieve rapid shifting of gears.

Ⅲ. Porsche-PDK dual-clutch transmission

The PDK dual-clutch trans was originally named Porsche Doppel Kupplungen, which is, of course, the German word for the dual-clutch transmission system. PDK is named after the combination of the three letters in the original German name. According to the news, this new dual-clutch transmission system works on the same principle as the DSG of the VW Group. It also has a shift paddle attached to the rear of the steering wheel, allowing the driver to perform shift control without leaving the steering wheel. The PDK dual-clutch transmission and the mercedes 7 speed dual clutch transmission also have two sets of clutches, which are responsible for odd and even gears. The shift speed is much faster than most standard manual transmissions. Most Porsche models will use this dual-clutch transmission as an option. 

Ⅳ. Mitsubishi-TC-SST dual-clutch transmission

The working principle of Mitsubishi SST dual-clutch transmission is very similar to that of DSG. It also uses a clutch for odd-numbered gears and even-numbered gears, and each of the two clutches selects a gear simultaneously. In this way, the car automatically engages the next gear after leaving one sack, and its gear shifting speed is much faster than the manual operation speed, thus shortening the shift delay and power loss. In addition to smoother shifting, TC-SST also improves the acceleration of the EVO. Mitsubishi's TC-SST provides three-shift control modes to adapt to different road conditions or driving styles. The driver can easily switch the mode through the switch beside the base of the joystick.

Although it is currently seen that dual-clutch transmissions require breakthroughs due to technical and cost issues, as a new and better solution in the field of transmission design, dual-clutch systems have become a trend.

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