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Is a Dual-clutch Gearbox Any Good?

For most car owners, dual clutches are not unfamiliar. However, many car owners feel that the dual-clutch is not so durable compared to other gearboxes. Despite this, many car owners still insist on starting with dual clutches. What is the reason? Let's have a deep discussion with you today.

Ⅰ. Two types of dual-clutch transmissions

First of all, the dual clutch transmission is divided into the dry dual clutch and wet dual clutch. As mentioned above, what most car owners say is not durable, generally refers to the dry dual-clutch gearbox. Of course, the high failure rate is only relatively speaking. Compared with other gearboxes, the dual-clutch geartronic gearbox does have certain shortcomings.

The biggest difference between dry dual clutch and wet dual clutch is the cooling method. The dry dual-clutch transmission is cooled by air cooling, and the wet dual-clutch transmission is cooled by oil. Due to the advantages of low price and low manufacturing cost, dry dual-clutch is widely used in low-end and medium-end models. Wet dual clutches appear on mid-to-high-end models because of the high maintenance and repair costs and high construction costs in the future.

Ⅱ. Comparison of dry and wet dual-clutch transmissions

1. Advantages of dry double clutch

A dry clutch transmission is like a manual gearbox. Its clutch uses friction plates to transmit power. The closer the friction plates are pressed, the better the power transmission. When the friction plates are separated, the power of the car will be disconnected, and it is neutral. Since the dry double clutch transmits power through the friction plate, theoretically, the power transmission effect of the dry double clutch is better. Of course, the cost of the dry double clutch is relatively cheap, and it is equipped on some low-end models.

2. Advantages of wet dual clutch

The difference between the wet dual clutch and the dry dual clutch is that the friction plates of the wet dual clutch transmission are immersed in oil, and the oil can be used to dissipate heat during driving, so it is almost difficult for the wet dual clutch to overheat. In addition, in terms of torque bearing, wet dual clutch is also higher than dry dual clutch. For example, Audi, a high-end car owned by Volkswagen, adopts wet dual clutch. On the one hand, it can meet the needs of large-displacement engines, on the other hand. It also helps to reduce the failure rate.

All in all, when buying a car, you should do what you can. Although the dual-clutch gearbox currently has some minor shortcomings and is not perfect, all gearboxes are not perfect. As a China spare parts manufacturer, we believe that under the adjustment of car companies, the dry dual-clutch gearbox will have less and less problems such as jitter and setback, and you don't need to pay special attention.

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