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NISSAN CHB071 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of NISSAN CHB071 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
SACHS3182600138Direct Cross Interchange21
FTEZA300841Direct Cross Interchange20
VALEO804544Direct Cross Interchange20
NISSAN3215000QAADirect Cross Interchange16
NK143905Direct Cross Interchange15
TEXTAR53003800Direct Cross Interchange15
NISSAN3215000QACDirect Cross Interchange15
NISSAN3215000QABDirect Cross Interchange14
NISSAN3215000QADDirect Cross Interchange14
LPR3497Direct Cross Interchange13
QUINTON HAZELLCSC052Direct Cross Interchange12
JAPKO90112Direct Cross Interchange12
ASHIKA9001112Direct Cross Interchange12
JAPANPARTSCF112Direct Cross Interchange11
AISINCSCN003Direct Cross Interchange11
NISSAN306A0JA60BDirect Cross Interchange10
RENAULT8200213679Direct Cross Interchange10
RENAULT8200842575Direct Cross Interchange8
RENAULT8200805652Direct Cross Interchange8
MAXGEAR610097Direct Cross Interchange8
BLUE PRINTADN13673CDirect Cross Interchange7
BLUE PRINTADN13672Direct Cross Interchange7
RENAULT8200764616Direct Cross Interchange7
KAWE990095Direct Cross Interchange4
RENAULT306A0JA60BDirect Cross Interchange4
RENAULT306206299RDirect Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVEL05H210H3602Direct Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVEL05H210H3601Direct Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.61260Indirect Cross Interchange12
NISSAN306A0JA60AIndirect Cross Interchange11
MALò88612Indirect Cross Interchange10
NISSAN306A0JA60CIndirect Cross Interchange7
BORG & BECKBCS148Indirect Cross Interchange5
VALEO804555Indirect Cross Interchange3
RENAULT306A0JA60AIndirect Cross Interchange3
ZF Parts3182600138Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC01013Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC01010Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC00889Indirect Cross Interchange2
RENAULT8200746616Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT TRUCKS8200842575Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT TRUCKS8200805652Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT TRUCKS8200764616Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT TRUCKS8200213679Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT8200842652Indirect Cross Interchange1
ASHIKACF112Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS148Indirect Cross Interchange1
JAPANPARTS9001112Indirect Cross Interchange1
TIMKEN619101Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS3000990259Indirect Cross Interchange1
VALEO804584Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA300741Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of NISSAN CHB071 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

NissanNoteE111.5 dCi2008/07-2016/121461 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
NissanQashqaiJ10, JJ102.0 dCi2007/02-2016/121995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
NissanQashqaiJ10, JJ102.0 dCi AWD2007/02-2016/121995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
NissanQashqai +2J10, JJ101.5 dCi2008/07-2016/121461 ccm, 76 KW, 103 PS
NissanQashqai +2J10, JJ101.5 dCi2007/02-2016/121461 ccm, 78 KW, 106 PS
NissanTiida SchrägheckC11X1.5 dCi2007/09-2016/121461 ccm, 78 KW, 106 PS
NissanTiida SchrägheckC11X1.82007/09-2016/121798 ccm, 93 KW, 126 PS
NissanTiida StufenheckSC11X1.5 dCi2007/09-2016/121461 ccm, 78 KW, 106 PS
NissanTiida StufenheckSC11X1.82007/09-2016/121798 ccm, 93 KW, 126 PS
NissanX-TrailT3122007/06-2013/111997 ccm, 104 KW, 141 PS
NissanX-TrailT3122008/06-2013/111998 ccm, 103 KW, 140 PS
NissanX-TrailT312.0 dCi2007/06-2013/111995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
NissanX-TrailT312.0 dCi2007/06-2013/111995 ccm, 127 KW, 173 PS
NissanX-TrailT312.0 FWD2008/06-2013/111998 ccm, 103 KW, 140 PS
NissanX-TrailT312.5 4x42007/06-2013/112488 ccm, 124 KW, 169 PS

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