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Four Categories of One-way Clutches

1. Electromagnetic one-way clutch

a. Electromagnetic one-way clutch can be divided into: dry single-plate electromagnetic one-way clutch, dry multi-plate electromagnetic one-way clutch, wet multi-plate electromagnetic one-way clutch, magnetic powder one-way clutch, slip electromagnetic one-way clutch, etc.

b. The working mode of the electromagnetic one-way clutch can be further divided into: power-on combination and power-off combination.

c. Dry-type single-plate electromagnetic one-way clutch: the one-way clutch is in the engaged state when the coil is energized and magnetic force is generated to attract the  'armature'  plate ; the one-way clutch is in the disengaged state when the coil is de-energized and the  'armature'  bounces back.

2. Magnetic powder one-way clutch

The magnetic powder is placed between the driving part and the driven part. When the power is not applied, the magnetic powder is in a loose state. When the power is applied, the magnetic powder is combined, and the driving part and the driven part rotate at the same time. Advantages: The torque can be adjusted by adjusting the current, allowing a large slip. Disadvantages: The temperature rises when the slip is large, and the relative price is high.

3. Friction one-way clutch

Nowadays, a friction one-way clutch that is compressed by a spring has been widely used in automobiles. Most one-way clutches matched with manual transmissions are dry friction one-way clutches. According to the number of driven discs, they are divided into single-disc, double-disc and multi-disc types.

According to other standards of one way clutch manufacturer, friction-type one-way clutches are divided into wet and dry types. The wet friction type one-way clutch is generally multi-disc type, immersed in oil to facilitate heat dissipation. Several coil springs are used as compression springs, and the one-way clutch in which these springs are distributed along the circumference of the pressure plate is called a peripheral spring one-way clutch. A one-way clutch that uses a diaphragm spring as a compression spring is called a diaphragm spring one-way clutch.

The torque from the engine is transmitted to the driven plate through the friction of the flywheel and the contact surface of the pressure plate with the driven plate. When the driver steps on the one-way clutch pedal, the large end of the diaphragm spring drives the pressure plate to move backward through the transmission of the mechanical parts. At this time, the driven part is separated from the driving part.

4. Hydraulic one-way clutch

The hydraulic one-way clutch relies on the working fluid (oil) to transmit torque. The outer casing and the pump wheel are connected as a whole, which is the driving part; the turbine is opposite to the pump wheel, which is the driven part. When the pump wheel speed is low, the turbine cannot be driven, and the driving part and the driven part are in a separated state; as the pump wheel speed increases, the turbine is driven, and the driving part and the driven part are in an engaged state. Trucks use compressed air to separate and recombine clutches to complete starting and shifting. The concentric pneumatic clutch actuator contains all the elements connected to the transmission system to separate and reengage the clutch according to the requirements of the transmission.

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