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Features of Double Clutch Transmission

Ⅰ. Differences between double clutch transmission and manual transmission

The double clutch transmission is different from the general automatic transmission system. It is based on the manual transmission rather than the auto transmission. In addition to the flexibility of the manual transmission and the comfort of the automatic transmission, it can also provide uninterrupted power output. The traditional manual transmission uses a clutch. When shifting, the driver needs to step on the clutch pedal to make different gears mesh, and the power is interrupted during the shift, resulting in intermittent output performance.

Compared with the traditional manual transmission, the double clutch transmission is more convenient because it is still a manual transmission but uses the new technology of the double clutch transmission, which makes the manual transmission have automatic performance and greatly improves the fuel economy of the vehicle. The auto transmission is faster and smoother than the manual transmission, and the power output is uninterrupted.

Based on the characteristics and operation mode of the ishift transmission for sale, the double clutch transmission system can bring drivers a feeling of driving a racing car. In addition, it eliminates the manual transmission during shifting torque interruption, making driving more agile.

Ⅱ. Advantages of double clutch transmission

Based on the use of manual transmission as the foundation and its unique design, the double clutch transmission can resist up to 350 N·m torque. The advantages of the double clutch transmission are as follows :

1. Fast gear shifting. The shift time of the double clutch transmission is very short, which is faster than that of the manual transmission, only less than 0.2 seconds.

2. Fuel saving. Because the double clutch transmission eliminates the interruption of torque, that is, the power of the engine is always used and is always working at its best, so it can save a lot of fuel. Compared with the traditional planetary gear automatic transmission, it is more conducive to improving fuel economy, and fuel consumption can be reduced by about 15%.

3. Comfort. Because the shift speed is fast, every shift of the double clutch transmission is very smooth, and the sense of frustration has been so small that it is difficult for the human body to detect.

4. During shifting, the double clutch transmission has almost no torque loss.

5. When the high gear is ready, the upshift speed is extremely fast, reaching an amazing 8 milliseconds.

6. No matter what the throttle or operation mode is, the shift time can reach at least 600 milliseconds. When reducing from an odd gear to an odd gear, or from an even gear to an even gear, it takes about 900 milliseconds, such as reducing from fifth gear to third gear.

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