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RENAULT CHB060 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of RENAULT CHB060 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
SACHS3182998702Direct Cross Interchange27
VOLVO9181322Direct Cross Interchange23
VALEO804533Direct Cross Interchange22
VOLVO8667661Direct Cross Interchange21
FTEZA290331Direct Cross Interchange21
VOLVO6900012Direct Cross Interchange20
VOLVO9463525Direct Cross Interchange20
QUINTON HAZELLCSC010Direct Cross Interchange18
TEXTAR53002600Direct Cross Interchange17
MITSUBISHIMW6900012Direct Cross Interchange17
TRWPJQ138Direct Cross Interchange16
NK144801Direct Cross Interchange16
LPR3482Direct Cross Interchange15
VOLVO31259445Direct Cross Interchange15
RENAULT7439181322Direct Cross Interchange14
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182998702Direct Cross Interchange14
GIRLING1301138Direct Cross Interchange13
SACHS (ZF SRE)3182998702Direct Cross Interchange12
KAWE990005Direct Cross Interchange12
DJPARTSCS1122CDirect Cross Interchange11
MAXGEAR610072Direct Cross Interchange11
QUINTON HAZELLKNF29001Direct Cross Interchange10
STATIM343CSCDirect Cross Interchange10
FTEZA2903D1Direct Cross Interchange9
NATIONALNSC0011Direct Cross Interchange9
Brake ENGINEERINGWC1993BEDirect Cross Interchange9
BLUE PRINTADC43630CDirect Cross Interchange8
ACDelcoAC110SDirect Cross Interchange6
FTEZA2903C1Direct Cross Interchange5
AISINCSCM901Direct Cross Interchange5
FTEZA2903A1Direct Cross Interchange4
TRIPLE FIVEVCC1Direct Cross Interchange1
BORG & BECKLL80108Direct Cross Interchange1
RENAULT7439463525Indirect Cross Interchange12
RENAULT7436900012Indirect Cross Interchange12
BORG & BECKBCS129Indirect Cross Interchange11
VOLVO86676616Indirect Cross Interchange10
VOLVO94635257Indirect Cross Interchange10
MITSUBISHIMW8667661Indirect Cross Interchange10
RENAULT7700107570Indirect Cross Interchange10
VOLVO69000123Indirect Cross Interchange10
VOLVO91813220Indirect Cross Interchange9
MALò88611Indirect Cross Interchange7
DELPHILL80108Indirect Cross Interchange5
RENAULT7438667661Indirect Cross Interchange5
VOLVO312594450Indirect Cross Interchange5
SACHS613182998702Indirect Cross Interchange4
PAGID89002Indirect Cross Interchange3
HAVAMAL3713Indirect Cross Interchange3
WAGNERSC142478Indirect Cross Interchange3
FTEZA2903B1Indirect Cross Interchange3
ZF Parts3182998702Indirect Cross Interchange2
RENAULT TRUCKS7700107570Indirect Cross Interchange2
RENAULT TRUCKS7439463525Indirect Cross Interchange2
RENAULT TRUCKS7439181322Indirect Cross Interchange2
RENAULT TRUCKS7436900012Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC00644Indirect Cross Interchange2
KAGER184211Indirect Cross Interchange2
DORMANCS650146Indirect Cross Interchange2
PAGID89023Indirect Cross Interchange2
BECK/ARNLEY619536Indirect Cross Interchange1
BECK/ARNLEY619524Indirect Cross Interchange1
BECK/ARNLEY619523Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.P.LL80108Indirect Cross Interchange1
VOLVO918322Indirect Cross Interchange1
RENAULT TRUCKS7438667661Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.41367Indirect Cross Interchange1
DELPHI DIESEL / DATIVCC1Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA2903Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS129Indirect Cross Interchange1
MOTAQUIPVCC1Indirect Cross Interchange1
GUIZHOUCS20010Indirect Cross Interchange1
NIPPARTSJ2405016Indirect Cross Interchange1
BECK/ARNLEY619537Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of RENAULT CHB060 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

2009VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2009VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2008VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2008VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoS60R Sedan 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoV702.4 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoV702.5T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2007VolvoV70R Wagon 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoS60R Sedan 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoS802.5T AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoS802.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoV702.4 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoV702.5T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2006VolvoV70R Wagon 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS602.4 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS602.5T AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS60R Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS802.5T AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS802.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS80T6 Premier Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoV702.4 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoV702.5T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoV70R Wagon 4-DoorAll
2005VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
2004VolvoS602.4 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS602.5T AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS602.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS60R Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS802.5T AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS802.5T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoV702.4 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoV702.5T AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoV702.5T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoV70R Wagon 4-DoorAll
2004VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
2003VolvoS602.4T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoS60AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoS60Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoV702.4T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoV70AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
2003VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
2002VolvoC70Base Coupe 2-DoorAll
2002VolvoS602.4T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoS60AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoS60Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoV702.4T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoV70AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
2002VolvoV70X/C Wagon 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
2001VolvoC70Base Coupe 2-DoorAll
2001VolvoS602.4T Sedan 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoS60Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoS60T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoV702.4T Wagon 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2001VolvoV70X/C Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
2000VolvoC70Base Coupe 2-DoorAll
2000VolvoS70AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS70Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS70GLT SE Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS70GLT Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS70T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70GLT SE Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70GLT Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70R AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70X/C AWD SE Wagon 4-DoorAll
2000VolvoV70X/C AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
1999VolvoC70Base Coupe 2-DoorAll
1999VolvoS70AWD Sedan 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoS70Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoS70T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoS802.9 Sedan 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoS80T6 Sedan 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70GLT Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70R AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
1999VolvoV70X/C AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoC70Base Convertible 2-DoorAll
1998VolvoC70Base Coupe 2-DoorAll
1998VolvoS70Base Sedan 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoS70GLT Sedan 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoS70T5 Sedan 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70Base Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70GLT Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70R Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70T5 Wagon 4-DoorAll
1998VolvoV70X/C AWD Wagon 4-DoorAll

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