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The Role of One-way Clutch in Automatic Transmission

One way clutch working of automatic transmission

What is a one way clutch

One way clutches, commonly known as one-way bearing, is also a mechanical transmission basic part that can only be driven in a single direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). Its function is to make a component only rotate in a certain direction and lock in another direction. When the power source drives the passive element, it can only be driven in a single direction. If the power source changes direction, the passive element will automatically separate without generating any power transmission.

One way clutch function

Since 1982, one way clutch automatic transmission have become more and more popular, especially in middle and high-end models. The role of the one-way clutch is mainly to solve the problem of slipping caused by insufficient oil pressure due to the low oil pump speed when the vehicle starts, and to solve the problem of shift shock caused by the mismatch of speed. Although the hydraulic torque converter can play an important role in eliminating the shock of shifting, the one way clutch automatic transmission is still the most effective way used to eliminate the shifting shock, especially in downshifting shock.

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One way clutch automatic transmission

One way clutch types

One-way clutches are mainly divided into roller type and wedge type. According to the different wedge angles of the outer ring, the roller type can be further divided into flat type, logarithmic spiral type and eccentric cylindrical surface type. Because the balls can rotate freely between the inner and outer rings and the wear it caused is small and uniform, the roller type has great advantages as follows. The one way clutch automatic transmission won't get damaged even if in the cases of short-term overload and a slip of roller. The one way clutches can still work normally after the torque is reduced. And the roller type is suitable for combining under any speed difference.

One way clutch working

Roller-type one-way clutches are widely used in 6-speed, 8-speed and other one way clutch automatic transmissions, but they have the disadvantage of low torque transmission ability; Under the same raceway diameter, the carrying capacity of the wedge-type one-way clutches is usually 5-10 times that of roller type due to the large radius of curvature of the contact surface, the large number of wedges, good instantaneous combination and large torque can be carried. But the fiction produced by wedge and free raceway is static during the overtaking process, which will decrease the clutch service life in the case of high speed overtaking. In recent years, a new type of wedge-type overrunning clutch has come out and has been widely used in the automotive industry. When the speed is higher than the set value during operation, the eccentric wedge is separated from the inner and outer rings due to centrifugal force, which increases the reliability of the work.

Above is a brief introduction to one-way clutch. As one of the most reliable auto spare parts manufacturers in China, KAIGE is always trying to provide good quality products and services to our clients. For more products info, you can click our product categories or directly contact us.

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