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ALFAROMEO CHB028 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of ALFAROMEO CHB028 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
VALEO804523Direct Cross Interchange11
SACHS3182600126Direct Cross Interchange10
FTEZA2401141Direct Cross Interchange9
LPR3498Direct Cross Interchange8
FIAT55186498Direct Cross Interchange8
FIAT55183321Direct Cross Interchange7
NK141001Direct Cross Interchange7
DJPARTSCS1142CDirect Cross Interchange7
FIAT60802015Direct Cross Interchange6
QUINTON HAZELLCSC039Direct Cross Interchange5
SACHS3182600122Direct Cross Interchange5
ALFA ROMEO60802015Direct Cross Interchange3
ALFA ROMEO55186498Direct Cross Interchange3
ALFA ROMEO55183321Direct Cross Interchange1
TRWPJQ115Indirect Cross Interchange10
GIRLING1301115Indirect Cross Interchange7
STATIM117CSCIndirect Cross Interchange6
BORG & BECKBCS134Indirect Cross Interchange6
TEXTAR53000800Indirect Cross Interchange5
KAWE990075Indirect Cross Interchange4
FIAT46807595Indirect Cross Interchange4
QUINTON HAZELLCSC025Indirect Cross Interchange3
VALEO804511Indirect Cross Interchange3
ALFA ROMEO60802015Indirect Cross Interchange2
ALFA ROMEO55186498Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts3182600126Indirect Cross Interchange1
ZF Parts3182600122Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS8182600126Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS3182600125Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS134Indirect Cross Interchange1
ALFA ROMEO55183321Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of ALFAROMEO CHB028 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

Alfa Romeo1479371.6 16V T.SPARK2001/01-2010/031598 ccm, 88 KW, 120 PS
Alfa Romeo1479371.6 16V T.SPARK Eco2001/01-2010/031598 ccm, 77 KW, 105 PS
Alfa Romeo1479372.0 16V T.SPARK2001/01-2010/031970 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
Alfa Romeo1569321.6 16V T.SPARK1997/09-2005/091598 ccm, 88 KW, 120 PS
Alfa Romeo1569321.8 16V T.SPARK2000/10-2005/091747 ccm, 103 KW, 140 PS
Alfa Romeo1569322.0 JTS2002/03-2005/091970 ccm, 122 KW, 166 PS
Alfa Romeo156 Sportwagon9321.6 16V T.SPARK2000/05-2006/051598 ccm, 88 KW, 120 PS
Alfa Romeo156 Sportwagon9321.8 16V T.SPARK2000/10-2006/051747 ccm, 103 KW, 140 PS
Alfa Romeo156 Sportwagon9322.0 JTS2002/03-2006/051970 ccm, 122 KW, 166 PS
Alfa RomeoGT9371.8 TS2003/11-2010/091747 ccm, 103 KW, 140 PS
Alfa RomeoGT9372.0 JTS2006/12-2010/091970 ccm, 119 KW, 162 PS
Alfa RomeoGT9372.0 JTS2003/11-2010/091970 ccm, 121 KW, 165 PS

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