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Fault-proof and Leak-proof Technologies in the Assembly of Dual-clutch Automatic Transmissions

Currently, the application of dual-clutch automatic transmissions is becoming more and more widespread. Compared to manual transmissions, the assembly requirements for dual-clutch automatic transmissions are more stringent. By applying corresponding error prevention techniques, potential risks during assembly such as misplacement and omission can be eliminated. The reasonable application of error prevention techniques plays an important role in effectively improving product quality, reducing production costs, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

The significance of error prevention techniques for dual-clutch automatic transmissions

Gearshaft parts mainly include synchromesh, bearing pressing, and gear assembly; hydraulic modules mainly include electromagnetic valve assembly; the shell accessories mainly include bolt tightening and bearing pressing. Synchromesh, bearing, and electromagnetic valve parts are quite similar and cannot rely solely on manual assembly error recognition. Moreover, many transmission parts are interference fit. Once misplacement or omission occurs, it will increase the manufacturing cost and product quality defects. Currently, there are two main anti-error methods in the assembly line of dual clutch  automatic transmission:  equipment error prevention and manual error prevention. Equipment error prevention includes specific control program error prevention, fixture error prevention, and sensor error prevention. Manual error prevention mainly adopts self-inspection of this workstation and mutual inspection of subsequent workstations to complete the operation collaboratively. Some error prevention also requires a combination of equipment and manual operations. The implementation of excellent error prevention methods can avoid numerous failure modes and ensure the manufacturing quality of the transmission.

Anti-error techniques on the assembly line of dual-clutch automatic transmissions

Intelligent material rack and laser indicator anti-error

The assembly of the DCT hydraulic module mainly includes the assembly of the electromagnetic valve, and the assembly of the gearshaft mainly includes the assembly of the gear and the synchromesh. Since the shape of these parts is extremely similar, intelligent rack anti-error and laser indicator anti-error are used in combination during assembly. The material rack is equipped with a material picking sensor. During assembly, the corresponding picking sensor of the intelligent material rack displays green, and the operator manually picks up the corresponding part. If the picking is incorrect, the picking sensor will be red and give an alarm prompt. After the operator picks up the correct part, the laser indicator above the workpiece indicates the assembly position, and the operator assembles the part into the corresponding position to complete the assembly and enter the next loop in turn. Intelligent material rack and laser pointer anti-error are sensor-based anti-error methods, differing from general material picking anti-error. The hydraulic module assembly line uses laser indicator guidance to indicate the corresponding position of the parts. The operator takes the parts off the anti-error rack and assembles them according to the laser indicator guidance. No manual recognition of the assembly location is required, achieving excellent results in practical production.

Press-fitting anti-error

Press-fitting is an important process in the assembly of automatic transmissions. Error prevention during the press-fitting of parts mainly relies on the combination of mechanical error prevention and sensor error prevention. Through the difference in the external dimensions of the parts, the press-fitting device anti-error is performed by using reference anti-models, and the wrong parts cannot be installed on the press-fitting device for press-fitting. At the same time, high-precision servo cylinders are used for press-fitting. The servo cylinder is equipped with pressure and displacement sensors. It has the function of pressure and displacement monitoring. Only when the correct parts are press-fitted, the pressure and displacement are qualified, and the error prevention also has the function of quality monitoring of parts.

Tightening anti-error

There are many fixed components that need to be tightened by a tightening gun during the assembly line of dual-clutch automatic transmissions. The tightening of fixed fittings is an extremely important work in the installation assembly line, and anti-error technology of tightening guns must be used during the setup of the installation assembly line of the transmission.

Visual system anti-error

Machine vision usually uses a camera to capture detection images, convert them into digital signals, and then use a computer to process the digital signals of the images to obtain various target image characteristic values. Based on this, it realizes pattern recognition, coordinate calculation, and gray distribution functions to identify the feature of parts and whether the assembly quality is correct, eliminating defects.

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