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GM CHB048 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of GM CHB048 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
ACHS3182998801Direct Cross Interchange23
VALEO804502Direct Cross Interchange19
OPEL679337Direct Cross Interchange19
OPEL5679329Direct Cross Interchange19
FTEZA3501B1Direct Cross Interchange19
TRWPJQ103Direct Cross Interchange17
QUINTON HAZELLCSC001Direct Cross Interchange17
TEXTAR53006900Direct Cross Interchange16
BREDA LORETTRI1009Direct Cross Interchange14
GIRLING1301103Direct Cross Interchange12
OPEL90465484Direct Cross Interchange12
LPR3219Direct Cross Interchange11
SWAG40936303Direct Cross Interchange11
FEBI BILSTEIN36303Direct Cross Interchange11
OPEL9126743Direct Cross Interchange10
KAWE990069Direct Cross Interchange10
BREMBOE59013Direct Cross Interchange9
QUINTON HAZELLKNF35001Direct Cross Interchange9
STATIM425CSCDirect Cross Interchange8
DJPARTSCS1121CDirect Cross Interchange7
NATIONALNSC0009Direct Cross Interchange7
MAXGEAR610070Direct Cross Interchange7
ACDelcoAC108SDirect Cross Interchange6
FTEZA3501A1Direct Cross Interchange4
BORG & BECKLL80116Direct Cross Interchange1
TRIPLE FIVEVCC9Direct Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL90465484Indirect Cross Interchange14
DELPHILL80116Indirect Cross Interchange13
A.B.S.41243Indirect Cross Interchange9
OPEL96296677Indirect Cross Interchange8
KAWES3219Indirect Cross Interchange8
HPCS20017Indirect Cross Interchange7
VAUXHALL9126743Indirect Cross Interchange7
FENOXP3501Indirect Cross Interchange5
BORG & BECKBCS124Indirect Cross Interchange4
OPEL9126743Indirect Cross Interchange4
AUTOMEGA1056790329Indirect Cross Interchange4
Brake ENGINEERINGWC3219Indirect Cross Interchange4
Brake ENGINEERINGWC1012BEIndirect Cross Interchange4
LUCAS ELECTRICALPJQ103Indirect Cross Interchange3
PAGID89010Indirect Cross Interchange3
JP GROUP885679329Indirect Cross Interchange3
TRW32967687Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS9126743Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS90465484Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS9126743Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts3182998801Indirect Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL9126743Indirect Cross Interchange2
COMLINECS21Indirect Cross Interchange2
OPEL679337Indirect Cross Interchange2
DELPHI DIESEL / DATIVCC9Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS613182998801Indirect Cross Interchange1
LUCAS ELECTRICAL32967687Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA3501131Indirect Cross Interchange1
FTEZA3501Indirect Cross Interchange1
JP GROUP1230500100Indirect Cross Interchange1
GUIZHOUCS20007Indirect Cross Interchange1
HAVAMAL3708Indirect Cross Interchange1
MOTAQUIPVCC9Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS124Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.P.LL80116Indirect Cross Interchange1
QUINTON HAZELLCCT373Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL679337Indirect Cross Interchange1
VAUXHALL5679329Indirect Cross Interchange1

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