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Common Maintenance Method of Volvo Dual Clutch Transmission

1. Common faults of Volvo XC60 transmission

Transmission oil leaks, car jitters during rapid acceleration, abnormal upshift noises, downshift noises, refueling in gear, the car does not go, upshift frustration, downshift frustration, and gear stalls are all common faults. Other faults are: there are only odd-numbered gears or only even-numbered gears during driving; the instrument indicates that the transmission performance is low, but the engine revolutions are high; the instrument indicates that the transmission function is limited, and the engine revolutions are high. Use a computer to detect transmission, there are sensor failure, module failure, shift fork failure, transmission overheating, and various fault codes.

When there is an abnormality in the Volvo XC60 transmission, we must first repair and inspect it in time and repair it in time after confirming that the transmission is faulty. If it is delayed for a long time, the problem will be serious, and the number of parts to be replaced will increase. Invisibly, it will cost more money, and there are certain hidden dangers to driving safety. Therefore, if the cause of the failure is correctly determined, the failure can be completely repaired, and the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. Regarding the fault of the Volvo clutch actuator transmission, if you have any questions, you can ask us, we will help you determine the fault, help you check the transmission, and start with the root cause of the fault.

2. Repair method of Volvo dual clutch transmission fault

Volvo XC60 transmission oil leakage, jitter, abnormal noise, weak acceleration, car not going, shifting shock and other common faults can be solved by repairing the transmission. In maintenance, the early judgment of failure is the key to maintenance. As long as the cause of the failure can be identified, the problem of the car can be completely repaired.

Lift down the volvo dual clutch transmission and remove the head case oil seal to see the shock absorber disc. Oil leakage between Volvo XC60 transmission engine and transmission connection is a frequent and common fault. When we replace the oil seal of the head casing, the positioning slider and positioning ring above must also be replaced together, so as to completely solve the problem of oil leakage.

There are two sets of clutches inside the volvo dual clutch transmission, one works in combination and the other is in a semi-coupling state, so the shifting speed is fast. However, if you drive for a long time in serious traffic jams, the volvo dual clutch transmission will switch repeatedly, which will cause the clutch to overheat and cause transmission problems. Therefore, it is suggested that manual operation can be used for long-term traffic jams, which can reduce the probability of clutch damage. As long as you correctly determine the cause of the failure, you can completely repair the failure and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

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