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Knowledge about Dual-clutch Transmission

The dual-clutch transmission has a history of nearly 80 years. When we talk about it, the first impression is often "low-speed frustration." However, do you find that there is a double-clutch transmission from a car from a million-level Porsche to a million-dollar car? Any kind of thing has advantages and disadvantages. The reason why many big world brands are willing to adopt dual-clutch is definitely because of its advantages than disadvantages, more advantages in traditional gearboxes, and more in line with the development trend of the times. Speaking of which, do you really understand the double clutch?

Dual-clutch gearbox, as the name suggests, is an automatic transmission with two clutch sheets inside. Inside the box, the two different clutches are divided into two sets of gears. Taking the 7g tronic dual clutch as an example, clutch 1 controls the 1, 3, 5, and 7 gears, and clutch 2 controls the 2, 4, and 6 gears, coupled with reverse gear binding.

In addition to the conditions of the jumping and littering, in the rest, the next gear has been completed by another set of gears in advance. Therefore, the process of dual-clutch shifting is actually switching between the two clutch pieces. The shock between the gear auxiliary can hardly be passed on to the car.

1. The cost of dual-clutch transmission must be lower than AT and CVT?

Actually, it is really not necessary. In terms of electronic clutch actuator price, because the mechanical structure of the dual-clutch transmission is relatively simple, and the layout of the executive agency and the cooling oil circuit is relatively easy, it is calculated on the production end of mold opening, components, and assembly. Besium below the other automatic transmission.

But in the total cost of the geartronic gearbox, the other is the big head, which is the cost of debugging and matching. The gap between the mechanical processing technology of the dual-clutch transmission has become smaller and smaller. The news of a dual-clutch gear or a roller shaft is really rare. Therefore, most of the factors determine whether a gearbox is smart, frustrated and whether durable.

2. The calibration content of the dual-clutch transmission is very large and complicated

It mainly includes the formulation of shifting logic, shifting strategy, overload protection, and other procedures. The shift logic determines the time of the gear shift of the gearbox. It is necessary to take into account the operating conditions of the engine, the operating information of the vehicle, and the external road. The shift strategy determines the combination of speed and binding pressure of the clutch sheet, which directly determines the sense of frustration and durability. There are many jobs like these, but they often determine the pros and cons of a gearbox. Today, the wet dual-clutch transmission that Haval and Daimler team cooperated on and produced independently, can be called a successful autonomous dual-clutch transmission.

Due to the increased number of gears, the tooth ratio of the gearbox becomes more intensive. In this way, not only the speed fluctuation of the engine is reduced during the shift, but also the shift shock is also weakened. At the same time, the speed gear ratio can be made smaller, and the overall fuel consumption is reduced to 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers. Because the dual-clutch sheet is immersed in the cooling oil at all times, this can increase the service life of the clutch. In short, under the premise that the engine power parameters have not changed, the new comfort and fuel economy can be improved.

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