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MERCEDES-BENZ CHB168 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


Precautions before bearing installation

  • Check the bearing type, prepare the installation tools

  • Check whether the imported bearing type and size meet the installation requirements, and choose the appropriate assembly method according to the structural characteristics of the bearing and the various parts that fit with it, and prepare the tools and gauges for the installation.

  • Inspection of bearing assembly surface

  • Before installation should be journal, bearing housing hole surface, shoulder end face, and connecting parts such as bushings, gaskets, end caps, etc. with the surface, carefully inspected.

  • The selection and requirements of the installation site

  • Installation site should be a distance away from other mechanical equipment. The site should be clean, often keep dry and clean, prevent iron chips, sand, dust, moisture into the imported bearings.

Characteristics of the use of bearings

  • They are designed and manufactured on the basis of a combination system with a very large number of motor combinations and mounting forms, and the transmission ratio is very fine at each level to meet different use cases.

  • They are designed on the basis of the modular principle of unit structure, which greatly reduces the variety of parts and inventory.

  • Their transmission efficiency is very high, the accuracy is very accurate, low energy consumption, can save energy, good performance is not easy to fail, improve the efficiency.

  • The transmission is reliable and smooth, and the load capacity is large. More resistant to impact, low temperature rise, less failure, and extended service life.

OEM Numbering of MERCEDES-BENZ CHB168 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

MERCEDES-BENZ6852500015Direct Cross Interchange
SACHS633182000007Direct Cross Interchange
MERCEDES-BENZA6852500015Direct Cross Interchange

Applicable Models of MERCEDES-BENZ CHB168 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


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