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ALFAROMEO CHB072 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing


OEM Numbering of ALFAROMEO CHB072 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

FactoryNumberCross Interchange TypeRelevance
FTEZA34036A1Direct Cross Interchange39
SACHS3182600130Direct Cross Interchange38
TRWPJQ135Direct Cross Interchange29
KAWE990079Direct Cross Interchange27
TEXTAR53006300Direct Cross Interchange27
VALEO804552Direct Cross Interchange27
QUINTON HAZELLCSC043Direct Cross Interchange25
GIRLING1301135Direct Cross Interchange24
OPEL5679344Direct Cross Interchange22
BREDA LORETTRI1020Direct Cross Interchange22
NK143613Direct Cross Interchange22
SAAB24422064Direct Cross Interchange21
STATIM414CSCDirect Cross Interchange20
SACHS (ZF SRE)613182600130Direct Cross Interchange20
OPEL5679351Direct Cross Interchange19
OPEL5679348Direct Cross Interchange19
OPEL5679355Direct Cross Interchange19
SACHS (ZF SRE)3182600130Direct Cross Interchange19
SWAG40936313Direct Cross Interchange17
FEBI BILSTEIN36313Direct Cross Interchange17
OPEL5679345Direct Cross Interchange17
DJPARTSCS1098CDirect Cross Interchange16
OPEL24422064Direct Cross Interchange14
LPR3450Direct Cross Interchange14
FIAT55558741Direct Cross Interchange13
FIAT55557478Direct Cross Interchange13
OPEL55350431Direct Cross Interchange13
OPEL55560290Direct Cross Interchange12
OPEL55558741Direct Cross Interchange12
OPEL55557478Direct Cross Interchange12
FIAT93186759Direct Cross Interchange12
SAAB93186759Direct Cross Interchange11
TRWPJQ111Direct Cross Interchange10
OPEL93186759Direct Cross Interchange10
GIRLING1301111Direct Cross Interchange10
FIAT55560290Direct Cross Interchange9
REMSA173401Direct Cross Interchange9
ROADHOUSE173401Direct Cross Interchange9
WOKINGC173401Direct Cross Interchange9
MAXGEAR610093Direct Cross Interchange9
VAUXHALL93186759Direct Cross Interchange8
BLUE PRINTADA103611CDirect Cross Interchange6
OPEL5979344Direct Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL5679355Direct Cross Interchange2
MALò88587Indirect Cross Interchange17
BOSCH986486579Indirect Cross Interchange12
VAUXHALL24422064Indirect Cross Interchange9
A.B.S.41246Indirect Cross Interchange8
SAAB5257068Indirect Cross Interchange7
BORG & BECKBCS139Indirect Cross Interchange7
VILLAR6246533Indirect Cross Interchange7
FIAT55556290Indirect Cross Interchange7
ALFA ROMEO55560290Indirect Cross Interchange7
HPCS20018Indirect Cross Interchange6
ALFA ROMEO55556290Indirect Cross Interchange6
ALFA ROMEO55558741Indirect Cross Interchange6
FERODOFHC6129Indirect Cross Interchange6
LuK510003810Indirect Cross Interchange5
DELPHILL80125Indirect Cross Interchange5
VAUXHALL93172645Indirect Cross Interchange5
MALò88603Indirect Cross Interchange5
FTEZA34002B1Indirect Cross Interchange5
BREDA LORETTRI1004Indirect Cross Interchange5
NK143603Indirect Cross Interchange5
SACHS3182998001Indirect Cross Interchange5
VALEO804538Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL5679352Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL5679340Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL5679334Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL5679320Indirect Cross Interchange5
OPEL5679054Indirect Cross Interchange5
QUINTON HAZELLCSC014Indirect Cross Interchange5
SAAB55558371Indirect Cross Interchange5
VAUXHALL24422062Indirect Cross Interchange5
QUINTON HAZELLKNF34004Indirect Cross Interchange5
SAAB24422062Indirect Cross Interchange5
CHEVROLET93172645Indirect Cross Interchange5
CHEVROLET55558371Indirect Cross Interchange5
CHEVROLET24422062Indirect Cross Interchange5
VAUXHALL55558371Indirect Cross Interchange5
LuK510006110Indirect Cross Interchange5
ALFA ROMEO55557478Indirect Cross Interchange4
CAR9917CIndirect Cross Interchange4
KAWES3218Indirect Cross Interchange4
VAUXHALL55557478Indirect Cross Interchange4
VAUXHALL55350431Indirect Cross Interchange4
PROTECHNICPRH6007Indirect Cross Interchange3
CAR9911CIndirect Cross Interchange3
FENOXP3402Indirect Cross Interchange3
ALFA ROMEO93186759Indirect Cross Interchange3
VAUXHALL55560290Indirect Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL55558741Indirect Cross Interchange2
LUCAS ELECTRICALPJQ111Indirect Cross Interchange2
ALFA ROMEO55197681Indirect Cross Interchange2
TRUSTINGCZ091Indirect Cross Interchange2 Cross Interchange2
Brake ENGINEERINGWC3218Indirect Cross Interchange2
Brake ENGINEERINGWC1010BEIndirect Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL5443940Indirect Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL24428856Indirect Cross Interchange2
QUINTON HAZELLCSC00775Indirect Cross Interchange2
FTEZA3406A1Indirect Cross Interchange2
OPEL5443940Indirect Cross Interchange2
OPEL4818387Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS93186759Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS55558741Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS55557478Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS55350431Indirect Cross Interchange2
GENERAL MOTORS24422064Indirect Cross Interchange2
BREMBOE59002Indirect Cross Interchange2
ZF Parts3182600130Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET55350431Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET24428856Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET55560290Indirect Cross Interchange2
CHEVROLET93186759Indirect Cross Interchange2
VAUXHALL9120196Indirect Cross Interchange2
KM Germany691190Indirect Cross Interchange1
NUOVA TECNODELTA9917CIndirect Cross Interchange1
DJPARTSCS1104CIndirect Cross Interchange1
SWAG40934937Indirect Cross Interchange1
A.B.S.41246Indirect Cross Interchange1
BECK/ARNLEY619546Indirect Cross Interchange1
FEBI BILSTEIN34937Indirect Cross Interchange1
TOPRAN206152Indirect Cross Interchange1
LPR3218Indirect Cross Interchange1
ALFA ROMEO55350431Indirect Cross Interchange1
TEXTAR53005500Indirect Cross Interchange1
SACHS613182600130Indirect Cross Interchange1
SAAB24428856Indirect Cross Interchange1
SAAB55350431Indirect Cross Interchange1
AUTOMEGA1156790355Indirect Cross Interchange1
AUTOMEGA1056790355Indirect Cross Interchange1
FIRST LINEBCS139Indirect Cross Interchange1
WAGNERSC142114Indirect Cross Interchange1

Applicable Models of ALFAROMEO CHB072 Hydraulic Clutch Bearing

Alfa Romeo1599392.4 JTDM2005/09-2011/112387 ccm, 147 KW, 200 PS
Alfa Romeo1599392.4 JTDM2007/05-2011/112387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa Romeo1599392.4 JTDM Q42007/05-2011/112387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa Romeo1599393.2 JTS2008/02-2011/113195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa Romeo1599393.2 JTS Q42005/12-2011/113195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9392.0 JTDM2010/06-2011/111956 ccm, 100 KW, 136 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9392.0 JTDM2009/05-2011/111956 ccm, 125 KW, 170 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9392.4 JTDM2006/03-2011/112387 ccm, 147 KW, 200 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9392.4 JTDM2007/05-2011/112387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9392.4 JTDM Q42007/05-2011/112387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9393.2 JTS2008/02-2011/113195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa Romeo159 Sportwagon9393.2 JTS Q42006/03-2011/113195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa RomeoBrera--2.0 JTDM2009/05-2016/121956 ccm, 125 KW, 170 PS
Alfa RomeoBrera--2.4 JTDM 20V2007/05-2016/122387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa RomeoBrera--2.4 JTDM 20V2006/01-2016/122387 ccm, 147 KW, 200 PS
Alfa RomeoBrera--3.2 JTS2008/03-2016/123195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa RomeoBrera--3.2 JTS Q42006/01-2016/123195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9392.0 JTDM2009/05-2016/121956 ccm, 125 KW, 170 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9392.0 JTDM2009/04-2016/121956 ccm, 120 KW, 163 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9392.4 JTDM2007/04-2016/122387 ccm, 147 KW, 200 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9392.4 JTDM2008/03-2016/122387 ccm, 154 KW, 210 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9393.2 JTS2008/03-2016/123195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS
Alfa RomeoSpider9393.2 JTS Q42006/09-2016/123195 ccm, 191 KW, 260 PS

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